Ambition:Feed Education Podcast - Episode 6: School Culture and Ethos Feed:Back

April 26, 2018
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Ambition School Leadership

Feed:Back on School Culture and Ethos with Nelly and Andrew

Feed:back is the podcast that takes a look at what’s been going on in Ambition:Feed over the past month.

For this episode, two experts from Ambition School Leadership discuss School Culture and Ethos, and take an in-depth look at Episode 5 of the Ambition:Feed Education Podcast.

Presenter Hannah Allies is joined by Nelly Elessa, Programme Manager of the Talented Leaders programme, and Andrew Ettinger, Director of Leadership Development for Middle Leaders. They discuss how the importance of school culture for pupil achievement and how school leaders can establish and maintain a positive culture.

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This podcast originally appeared on the website of the Ambition School Leadership. In March 2019 the Institute for Teaching merged with Ambition School Leadership to form Ambition Institute.

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