Consultancy opportunities

One of the best ways we can support the teachers and school leaders on our programmes is working with external consultants. These consultants provide credible, real-life experiences that shape the design and delivery of our programmes making a pivotal difference to the children that are taught by our participant.

What do we mean by external consultants?
We're looking for a range of knowledge and experience in external consultants. You might be a serving teacher, someone with senior leadership experience, or someone who has recent and extensive experience in a particular expertise area we may be looking for within the education sector.

Types of opportunities we offer

We have opportunities available the year that will be posted in the ‘live opportunities’ section below.
Some examples of current consultancy roles we have advertised previously include;
> Coach mentoring
> Facilitator roles
> Assessor roles on our NPQ programmes
> Content design
> Research opportunities

We don’t have any live vacancies at the moment. If you’re interested in any future opportunities or would like to know more, please contact us at [email protected] with your CV or brief overview of your role and experience.