What’s it like to work here

Our teams work on everything from designing the content that our teachers and school leaders learn, through to supporting them with queries, to running events and everything in between.

But there’s one thing that connects us all: our mission.

Here, some of the people that work at Ambition talk about what it’s like to work here.

Amarbeer Singh Gill is a former teacher and now works as a tutor in our internal faculty. Here, he shares some of his tips about moving on from teaching:
''The big driver for me when I made the switch to teacher education was to have an impact beyond my own classroom, and being able to work for Ambition has given me that. I get to work with fantastic teachers and schools across the whole country and get stuck into how we can reflect on our own time as teachers, to improve outcomes for students through improved practice.''

Sarah Bagshaw-McCormick is a Fellow in Learning Design at Ambition Institute. Here, she shares her experience of being a parent at Ambition:
''Since working at Ambition Institute, being a working parent has become infinitely easier. Less guilt, less panic and so much more support. The combination of agile working and a balanced culture means that parents in the workforce are seen as an asset, not an inconvenience.''

Sofia Tsekoura is our social media manager. Here, she shares her experience of coming to work at a mission-focused organisation:
''It is important that I am part of an organisation that makes an impact in education. I seek out ways to contribute to important projects that provide me with a sense of ownership both in my own work and my overall work environment. Making an impact in education and in pupils’ lives is motivating.''

Toby Douthwaite joined Ambition Institute as an apprentice:
''I have loved working here. It has given me the opportunity to earn while I learn as well as gain valuable experience. Doing an apprenticeship has been the best of both worlds between further study and venturing into the world of work, I love the organisation and I’ve felt really supported every step of the way.''

Why us?

We are a fast-growing charity focused on creating an education system where every child can thrive, no matter their background.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Grow with us. We are the largest provider of professional development in the education sector. We are supporting more than 27,000 teachers and school leaders, reaching more than 3 million pupils. And we are growing, so join us to make a difference in schools and trusts across England.
  • Challenge inequality with evidence. Our mission is our sole purpose, and research and evidence is at the heart of what we do. Join an organisation that’s committed to tackling inequality through diverse perspectives and finding what works.
  • Work as one team. We help each other to do our best work and share our expertise with our colleagues. Join a truly welcoming, kind and collaborative workplace.
  • Keep getting better. We develop our staff, give each other feedback freely and fairly, and learn from our mistakes. Join us because you share our drive for excellence.