Expert Middle Leaders

Help more children and young people from disadvantaged areas, improve your school’s performance and retain staff by nominating your middle leaders for our inspiring Expert Middle Leaders programme.

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The Expert Middle Leaders (formerly known as Teaching Leaders) programme gives participants the skills they need to lead on curriculum, assessment and pedagogy (methods of teaching) in either primary or secondary schools.

Over two years, participants will benefit from:

  • Intensive residential training over 7 days so participants can gain expertise and knowledge to put into practice in their school. They’ll do 4 days in the 2021 summer holidays and 3 days in 2022.
  • An additional 7 days of face-to-face training outside of school hours, plus 12 hours of virtual sessions with facilitators experienced in school leadership to enhance skills
  • A transformative 9 hours of virtual coaching to achieve their goals
  • Academic tutoring with an experienced tutor for a total of 5 hours to get to grips with key topics
  • Peer learning group sessions, totalling 10 hours, to learn from like-minded peers
  • Access to a network of thousands of leaders for personal and professional support
  • Access to the latest teaching research and evidence and a range of assessment and curriculum planning tools to work more effectively
  • Spending one hour of independent learning per week to reflect on their own professional development

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“If you want your middle leaders to understand clearly what middle leadership is about, how they feed into driving whole school improvement, how they are accountable beyond their classes and for them to be able to devise well-structured action plans, then I would suggest this programme.”
Cathy, Headteacher

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Transform the quality of teaching
Your middle leaders will learn how to embed a positive and lasting change. They’ll be exposed to the latest in behavioural insights so you can effectively and strategically drive school-wide improvement.

Unlock the potential of your most promising leaders
Now is the ideal time to think about who could be leading your school(s) in the future. This programme will help you develop high-potential staff for leadership in the future. The course is fully-funded and training takes place out of school hours so your school will get all the benefits for no cost.

Design an expert curriculum
Your middle leaders will develop their subject expertise and learn how to design and implement a curriculum that is valued by pupils, is memorable and enables deep learning using the latest cognitive science of learning research

Retain your best staff
Investing in your staff makes them more likely to stay at your school – and in the teaching profession. In a 2018 survey of the predecessor Teaching Leaders programme participants, 63% of respondents had been promoted since completing the course

Learn from the best
Your middle leaders will benefit from a programme that is designed by experts, includes the latest knowledge and skills to meet the new Ofsted framework and embraces findings from 10 years’ experience of delivering impact driven middle leadership programmes.

The Expert Middle Leaders programme is fully-funded, so there’s no cost for schools or participants. It is funded by the Department for Education’s Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund (TLIF).

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To apply for this course participants must be primary or secondary middle leaders with responsibility across teaching, learning, designing the curriculum and line management.

This programme is fully-funded for primary and secondary schools based in Achieving Excellence Areas 5 or 6, and/or those with an Ofsted rating of Requires Improvement or Inadequate.