Future Leaders with NPQH

Achieve more immediate impact in your school by nominating a senior leader close to headship, to join our developmental Future Leaders programme.

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What they’ll learn:

  • The skills and knowledge required to step up to headship and lead a school facing challenging contexts, helping to close the attainment gap for disadvantaged pupils.
  • A range of leadership models and skills, supported with mentoring from an experienced headteacher.
  • The latest leadership issues, preparing participants for a wide range the of school leadership challenges.

How they’ll learn:

  • Evidence-informed leadership development training, starting with a comprehensive summer residential.
  • Three weekends of learning with the whole cohort at national locations.
  • Six one-to-one sessions with leadership coaches, who also provide ongoing support.

Future Leaders includes the option for participants to complete a National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). In order to achieve the NPQH they will be required to complete two projects:

  • The first project must take place in their school and last for at least two terms (this will already be a key part of the Future Leaders programme).
  • The second project is located in a placement school over the course of nine days and requires participants to submit two written submissions for assessment (within 18 months of starting the programme).

There is an additional cost of £150 to complete the NPQH. Participants will join a cohort of 100 senior leaders keen to develop their expertise. 

Study required to achieve the NPQ is included in the programme model. Details regarding the projects and curriculum can be found here.

Find our performance against nationally set NPQ metrics here

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Improve results
The number of disadvantaged pupils achieving at least grade four in English and maths was 10% higher in schools led by a Future Leaders headteacher for three or more years compared to similar schools (2016/17).

Evidence learning
Participants are better able to evidence pupil learning, and demonstrate whole-school impact linked to Ofsted criteria, while raising pupil attainment.

Unlock potential
This programme can help you develop high potential staff, retain your best talent and make savings on external recruitment.

"One of my greatest supports is the network I have gained through Future Leaders. It has allowed me to share my issues confidentially and have an objective audience to go to for advice and support."
Jennifer, Assistant Head, Blackburn Central High School

The course costs £3,000 per person with £1,500 due each year. The rest of the cost is covered by the Department for Education.

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Please fill out this quick enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how you can join Future Leaders.

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Leaders are selected based on their proven track record of making a positive impact and a commitment to leading in schools in disadvantaged areas. 

To apply, your talented senior leader must be either: 

  • A secondary school deputy head 
  • A primary school deputy or assistant head 
  • A secondary school assistant head, with a role equivalent to that of a deputy head