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Help more children and young people from disadvantaged areas by nominating a senior leader, close to headship, to join our inspiring Future Leaders programme.

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In year one, participants benefit from: 

  • An inspiring summer residential, featuring evidence-based intensive leadership development training.
  • Three weekends of learning with everyone on the course, covering meeting the challenges of leadership.  
  • Three regional one-day learning events featuring evidence-based, intensive leadership development training. 
  • Six one-to-one coaching sessions with leadership coaches to provide ongoing support. 
  • Mentoring from an experienced head working in a similar context to offer guidance, ideas and insight. 
  • Termly meetings with a peer learning group to build a like-minded support network. 

In year two, participants benefit from: 

  • Visits to exemplary schools across England to see great leadership in practice. 
  • Another summer residential to continue rapid development in a supportive environment, and develop lasting relationships with peers.  
  • Three weekends with everyone on the course, providing development and guidance towards headship.  
  • Six one-to-one coaching sessions and continued access to a mentor, providing vital tailored support to help meet the challenges of working in schools in disadvantaged areas. 

Participants can also gain the National Professional Qualification in Headship (at an additional cost to cover assessment).

"Future Leaders has helped me to challenge the traditional view of what an education can be, so I can demand more for my students."
Jill Baker, Principal, George Green’s School

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Improve results
The number of disadvantaged pupils achieving at least grade four in English and maths was 10% higher in schools led by a Future Leaders headteacher for three or more years compared to similar schools (2016/17).  

Increase impact
Support participants to evidence their learning and demonstrate whole-school improvement to meet Ofsted criteria. Over three quarters of headteachers working with Future Leaders say they have an impact in their school after less than a term on the course. It’s the only UK leadership development programme focused on preparing leaders for headship in disadvantaged areas. 

Unlock potential
Now is the ideal time to think about who could be leading your school(s) in the next three years. This programme will help you develop high-potential staff, retain your best talent and save on recruiting external headteachers.  

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  • More children get a standard pass at English and Maths GCSE with a Future Leader. 
  • Over three quarters of headteachers working with Future Leaders say they have an impact in their school after less than a term on the programme.

The course costs £3,000 per person, £1,500 is due each year. The rest of the cost is covered by the Department for Education.

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Please fill out this quick enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how to apply. 

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Leaders are selected based on their proven track record of making a positive impact and a commitment to leading in schools in disadvantaged areas. 

To apply, your talented senior leader must be either: 

  • A secondary school deputy head 
  • A primary school deputy or assistant head 
  • A secondary school assistant head, with a role equivalent to that of a deputy head