Master's in Expert Teaching

Take your teaching expertise to the next level. Get the very best out of your pupils by improving how you teach. Ambition Institute’s Master’s in Expert Teaching is run in partnership with Plymouth Marjon University.

  • Focused on putting evidence into practice
  • Dedicated one-to-one coaching
  • Designed to fit around your busy life
  • Gain a master’s qualification
  • Access a postgraduate loan of up to £11,836

Why us?

Benefits for you

Turn experience into expertise
For teachers looking for a fresh challenge to invigorate their teaching practice. You’ll develop advanced teaching techniques to help you make more deliberate decisions in the classroom.

Make your pupils’ learning stick
You’ll draw on cognitive science to find new ways to engage and motivate pupils and accelerate and consolidate their learning.

One-to-one coaching
Very few master’s courses provide you with a one-to-one coach. They will help you develop your understanding and use your learning to make evidence-informed changes in your classroom practice.

Designed around you
We’ve designed this course to fit in with your busy life by using flexible online learning tools and regular coaching sessions.

Gain a master’s qualification
This qualification will help you progress your career in teaching or leadership. Our approach uniquely focuses how you can improve your teaching practice in the classroom.

Benefits for your school

Sharing knowledge
Programme participants share the knowledge and skills they learn with other teachers in their school and trust.

Learn from the experts
Our training is led by some of the best teachers in the country. Our tutors use their experience as teachers to ensure that the programme is focused on practical, evidence-based ways of improving teaching practice in schools.

Keep your best teachers
Showing staff you care by investing in their professional development is a great way to keep them at your school.


What you'll learn

You’ll learn how to tackle the six most common challenges teachers face every day.

Science of learning
Study a broad introduction to the science of learning, then explore practical techniques that can help children learn skills and build strong knowledge of facts.

Examine the most important parts of assessment theory, then look at some contemporary approaches to assessment and feedback that you can easily adapt to your classroom.

Explore the nature and limitations of working memory, before learning about cognitive load theory and how you can use it to teach new skills.

Examine a wide range of contemporary debates regarding curriculum, including the supposed tension between developing knowledge and skills, and critically examine ideas such as 'Powerful Knowledge' and ‘substantive and disciplinary knowledge’.

Study the evidence on whether attitudes, aspirations and behaviours influence pupil outcomes.

Transferring knowledge
Examine how we can help pupils to transfer knowledge and skills to new problems and unfamiliar examples.

How you'll learn

This course uses flexible online tools designed intentionally to fit with the busy lives of teachers, and keeping travel and cover requirements to a minimum. 

Face-to-face conferences
Here you can share learning and experiences with your peers and programme coaches.

One-to-one coaching
Sessions with an expert coach, to support you develop your understanding and use your learning to make evidence-informed changes in your classroom practice.

Ongoing assessment
This will support you to help you to put learning into practice straight away. In each module, you’ll demonstrate how your thinking has developed and how you’ve made an evidence based change to your practice by submitting an assignment which might include examples of resources, planning, student work, video or audio recordings.


"This programme is unlike any other I have come across. Its focus is on teaching excellence, not writing extended essays or dissertations."
Charlie Wild, Key Stage 2 Teacher, Churchill Gardens Primary Academy

“The best programme available to those who want to become better teachers”.
Amarbeer Singh Gill, Maths Teacher, Gravesend Grammar School

“The course for anyone that wants to be at the very top of the teaching profession”.
Thomas Lamboi, Teacher/Head of Year 7, Phoenix Academy

“Exactly what I was looking for: something that will make me an expert teacher and ultimately benefit kids from the areas we serve at our school”.
Saila Kazmi, Teacher, Dixons Trinity Academy


Many of our participants arrange to share the cost of the course with their school.

For participants part/fully funded by their schools, Master’s in Expert Teaching costs £8,000 +VAT.
For individuals who self-fund, the cost is £6,667 plus VAT.

The cost can be paid in three instalments over two years.

You may be able to access a postgraduate loan of up to £11,836 (see below).

Ambition Institute’s Master’s in Expert Teaching is run in partnership with Plymouth Marjon University.

Postgraduate loans

Postgraduate master’s loans of up to £11,836 are available to students starting degrees next year. To check eligibility, apply to Student Finance England, selecting Plymouth Marjon University as the course provider.



Master's in Expert Teaching applications are now closed for the 2022/23 cohort, however if you are interested in finding out more about the next cohort please complete this short enquiry form here.

To apply for this course, you must be a qualified teacher with at least two years’ continuous classroom experience.

You can also book a meeting with our team here.

Ambition Institute’s Master’s in Expert Teaching is run in partnership with Plymouth Marjon University.

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