NPQ Framework webinar

Don’t miss out! Join us at our free 45-minute webinar to find out more about major changes to professional development which are coming this September:


We look forward to welcoming you to this webinar that is designed to give you an overview of the changes to the professional development landscape.

You’ll hear about:

  • The new national professional qualifications (NPQs).
  • The marketplace for professional development – and to whom you can go for support.
  • The inspiring experiences of teachers and leaders who have worked with Ambition Institute.

Limited places

Places are restricted at this webinar, so make sure you don’t miss out – sign up here >

Why you shouldn't miss out:

Research suggests that teachers spend approximately 10 days a year engaged in professional development. Across the teaching workforce, this equates to more than 5 million days. We have to make those worthwhile.

Early last term, we commissioned a survey with Teacher Tapp to understand what school leaders knew about the changes to NPQs. What we found was that, particularly in light of Covid-19 and its impact on schools, the majority of teachers and leaders were too busy with day-to-day business and hadn't yet had an opportunity to start engaging fully with these reforms.

Both the framework and the suite of qualifications are coming this September. It is therefore important for schools to get to grips with them so that teachers can keep getting better, whether they are fresh from initial teacher training (ITT) or taking on the challenge of leading sustainable improvement across a group of schools.