NPQ and ECF partnerships

At Ambition Institute, we’re here to help schools, trusts, teaching school hubs and other partners to increase access to high-quality professional development and support school improvement in your context.

Our network of 44 partners delivering professional development to more than 27,000 teachers and school leaders across the Early Career Framework and National Professional Qualifications (NPQs).

Thanks to their crucial role, we’ve been able to successfully deliver high quality, evidence-informed programmes to thousands of teachers and leaders in areas that need them the most, reaching 3 million children.

The golden thread

The Early Career Framework (ECF) and National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) focus on what teachers and school leaders need to know and be able to do to have impact in their schools.

Continuity of design and infrastructure across these frameworks means our programmes take into account any learning that educators have done before, reducing duplication.


Exceptional programme design

  • We think collaboration is the key to successful partnerships. Our partners bring crucial local knowledge, relationships and reputations to power our shared programmes.
  • There is continuity to the design and infrastructure across ECF, NPQs and our own specialist programmes, so you can shape a coherent offer and support schools with strategic talent management and workforce planning.
  • Our evidence-based curricula are focused on providing effective professional development, helping you build on your strengths to shape, improve and grow your provision.
  • We have a team with decades of experience in teacher training, both in-school and in provider settings, including design, delivery, and building and running outstanding SCITTs.
  • Rigorous quality assurance helps you drive school improvement in your regions.

Operational expertise in a range of areas:

  • Innovative and secure technology systems that receive consistently good feedback from partners, helping you meet the expectations of your trainees.
  • Our specialist recruitment and marketing expertise helps partners to grow their reach and brands, and recruit participants successfully at scale.
  • With 1 in every 20 teachers on an Ambition programme, partners and participants have access to a large-scale, national network, built on localised knowledge and collaboration.
  • Provision for the most disadvantaged communities and a focus on improving outcomes for every child.

We're proud of our delivery

We were pleased to recently receive a successful outcome from our first Ofsted Lead Provider Monitoring visit.

Ofsted fed back that our curriculum for NPQ programmes is “ambitious” and organised so that participants “build on their existing knowledge and skills within and across the programmes”. Ofsted also commented on the planned opportunities for participants to link their learnings to their own classroom settings.

We also love hearing about our partners’ positive experiences on our programmes.


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