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Champion mastery with the NPQ in Leading Primary Mathematics

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Date published 11 October 2023

Last updated 04 April 2024

This article explains the National Professional Qualification in Leading Primary Mathematics (NPQLPM), and how it equips primary leaders of maths to create an effective curriculum and develop a positive culture around maths learning.

Since September 2021 Ambition Institute has welcomed teachers and school leaders from across the country onto our National Professional Qualification (NPQ) programmes.

Why focus on primary maths?

Many children and young people are leaving school, at both primary and secondary level, without an adequate level of understanding of mathematics. (Department for Education, 2023)

While understanding of maths is strongly associated with later achievement, some pupils report negative experiences and even anxiety around the subject of maths.(EEF, 2020)

This can contribute to a negative culture around the subject, with an impact on pupil attitudes and outcomes. (Henderson et al., 2017)

In primary schools, classroom teachers may not be maths specialists or have access to the resources and support to build their confidence to teach maths effectively.

Research tells us that the single factor with the largest impact on pupil outcomes is high quality teaching (Sutton Trust, 2011). The research also tells us that improving the quality of teaching can be accomplished by providing teachers and school leaders with effective professional development (Zuccollo and Fletcher-Wood, 2020).

The NPQ in Leading Primary Mathematics

The National Professional Qualification in Leading Primary Mathematics has been created to support current and aspiring leaders of maths in primary settings to develop and implement high quality maths teaching and curriculum across their whole school.

Becoming more expert in the leadership of maths teaching allows subject leaders to create a more coherent curriculum and increase the consistency of learning through each key stage.

The NPQ also equips leaders to explore barriers around maths in their setting and to understand how to create a culture that enables and encourages pupils to learn.

What does the NPQ in Leading Primary Mathematics cover?

  • Culture and Learning
  • Assessment
  • Instruction
  • Curriculum
  • Professional Development
  • Implementation

What does this mean in practice?

  • It means understanding good practice in primary maths teaching and how to implement it.
  • It means learning to embed mastery approaches to teaching maths.
  • It means working collaboratively with senior leaders and teachers.
  • It means developing your ability to improve maths provision across your school.
  • It means helping colleagues to adapt maths teaching to meet different pupils’ needs.

Most of all, it means building your expertise to lead the effective teaching of maths across your setting.

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How will I learn?

Our NPQ in Leading Primary Mathematics is designed to be flexible to fit alongside your schedule. Training is delivered with a little-and-often approach to support knowledge retention, and you can learn at a time and pace which works for you.

During the 12-month programme, you will benefit from:

  • One full day conference.
  • Six courses (each lasting six weeks) including six modules.
  • Five two-hour clinics (facilitated sessions).
  • One two-hour assessment clinic.
  • Three communities (1 hour and 15 minute group sessions).

The programme is delivered through a carefully sequenced blend of content. This includes a mix of real-time interactive sessions, face-to-face training, peer-led sessions and self-guided modules you complete in your own time.

You will have access to Steplab, the learning platform designed for teacher education. Watch the video below to see how it works. You can find out more about Steplab in this blog.

Who is eligible?

This qualification is for teachers and school leaders who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading primary mathematics teaching across a school, key stage or phase.

To apply you should have a minimum of one year’s experience of the Maths Hubs Teaching for Mastery programme, or equivalent.

Suitable roles include:

  • Lead of Primary Maths
  • Lead of Key Stage 1 or 2
  • Phase lead
  • Head of school

Visit the National Professional Qualification in Leading Primary Maths (NPQLPM) page to find out more.

The Department for Education has chosen to fully fund this autumn’s NPQLPM cohorts. This means, if you work at a publicly-funded setting, you can train at no cost to you or your school. Register your interest now to be notified when applications open.

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