Meet the Masters: “The children deserve the very best”

After two years of hard work honing their practice and developing advanced teaching techniques with our expert team, we caught up with three of our Master’s in Expert Teaching participants on the day of their graduation.

They reflect on their experiences on the programme, their favourite modules, how they’ve applied their learning to their practice, and the crucial role CPD continues to play in disadvantaged communities.


Sabrina Castro

Lead Practitioner in Modern Foreign Languages, Aldersley High School

"[The programme] has given me a critical mind. Before I implement anything in my practice, I sit down, I read the research. Most importantly, when I choose some kind of technique or new pedagogy, I think 'is this the right thing for my students?'. In that sense, it has informed me, and has allowed me to be critical of what I do in a classroom."

Sabrina wants to give her students the best possible learning experience. Here she talks us through her research into consolidating learning as part of the programme’s first module, and how she’s used motivation to get her class not just remembering languages, but enjoying them too.


Naomi Bell

Director of Maths, Advantage Schools

"There’s been so many rewards along the way. The learning that I’ve done, the essays that I’ve written, the things I’ve read that have enabled changes to my practice. Whilst I was sitting at my desk on a Sunday afternoon having to write an essay it felt like a massive mistake, but I can sit here today saying it was one of the best decisions of my life.”

Naomi looks back on her work on the metacognition and motivation module, and how her learning helped shape her use of videos when teaching remotely.


Kirstie Dixon

Assistant Principal, Queen Elizabeth’s Academy

“Knowing that I’ve got that evidence behind me - that I’ve tried it in my classroom, looked at the best bets, and tried and refined it continuously. I think that’s made me the best teacher I can be at this moment.”

Kirstie shares how she’s worked with retrieval practice, and how the Master’s has shifted not just her practice, but her confidence in the classroom, leading to a speaking slot at ResearchEd.

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