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Date published 11 October 2023

Evidence suggests that instructional coaching is one of the most effective forms of continuous professional development (CPD) for teachers and school leaders.

Instructional coaching combines granular goals, targeted feedback and rehearsal. This means that it contains many of the mechanisms identified as being central to effective professional development (EEF, 2021), supporting it to have an impact on classroom teaching and pupil attainment (Gregory et al. 2017).

But how can leaders best maximise the impact of instructional coaching in their setting?

Ambition Institute and Steplab have teamed up to give schools and trusts complete access to the best that instructional coaching has to offer. This article delves into the Instructional Coaching bundle, answering questions such as: What does the Instructional Coaching bundle contain? How can it support coaching in my setting? How is it delivered?

What is the bundle?

The Instructional Coaching bundle is a comprehensive professional development offer for schools and trusts. It combines access to Ambition’s Instructional Coaching programme and Steplab’s professional development platform, supporting you to implement impactful and sustainable coaching at scale in your setting.

With the Instructional Coaching bundle, you can:

  • Train your experienced teachers to be exceptional and expert coaches.
  • Learn how to implement and cultivate a culture of instructional coaching.
  • Give your teachers, coaches and leaders the content and tools to model, analyse and evaluate instructional coaching in your setting.
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What does the bundle include?

With the Instructional Coaching bundle, teachers and leaders get access to the knowledge and tools they need to develop their coaching practice and to embed coaching in your school or trust.

The Instructional Coaching programme

With the bundle, staff in your school or trust get access to Ambition Institute’s four-month Instructional Coaching programme.

Across four modules, they will learn the science of teacher learning, what makes effective instructional coaching and how to embed coaching at a school-wide level. This is delivered through:

  • 27 facilitated hours of training.
  • Four virtual conferences.
  • Three coaching sessions.
  • Networking and reading between sessions.

After completing the programme, staff will have the confidence and evidence-informed knowledge to develop teaching through coaching.

The Steplab platform

Your setting will benefit from 12 months of access to Steplab’s professional development platform, with everything you need to systematically improve teaching through coaching. You will also have the option to renew your annual subscription to help sustain the impact of your coaching programme for long-term school improvement.

With the Steplab platform, all staff will benefit from:

  • More than 1,000 precise techniques, including model videos and clear criteria.
  • Content for core techniques, as well for subject specialist, pastoral leadership, and teaching assistants.
  • Analysis and insights on where professional development is making the biggest difference for teacher learning and pupil attainment.

The Steplab platform is fully customisable to meet the needs of your context, ensuring your staff are accessing content which is relevant and timely.


But what does this mean for schools and trusts?

It means creating a team of instructional coaching experts in your setting.

It means increasing teacher morale by creating a culture of constructive and impactful feedback at all levels.

It means understanding the tangible impact of your coaching on other teachers.

It means inspiring the next wave of coaches through the visible impact of the mechanisms of coaching.

It means sustainably supporting the development needs of teachers through shared knowledge, tools and data.

How can schools and trusts access the Instructional Coaching bundle?

It is available for all schools and trusts who want to deliver impactful professional development at scale.

Learn more about the bundle on our Instructional Coaching programme page or enquire through our online form.

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