How to get in touch

If you would like to speak to someone in more detail about how changes to programme content and delivery might affect you, or about an assignment or project deadline, please contact our the team for your programme at one of the email addresses below.

We’re keen to answer all your enquiries as soon as possible and we aim to get back to all emails within two working days.

Teaching and middle leadership programmes

Masters in Expert Teaching: [email protected]
Expert Middle Leaders: [email protected]
Early Career Teachers: [email protected] (Please get in touch with your in-school lead in the first instance)
Teaching Leaders Primary Mastery: [email protected]
Teaching Leaders Secondary: [email protected]
Middle Leadership Programme: [email protected]
Aspiring Leadership Programme: [email protected]

Senior leadership programmes

Curriculum for Senior Leaders: [email protected]
Future Leaders (with NPQH): [email protected]
Teacher Education Fellows: [email protected]
Headship (with NPQH): [email protected]

System leaders and Trust leaders

Executive Leaders (with NPQEL): [email protected]
Trust Leaders: [email protected]
Transforming Teaching: [email protected]
Trust Diagnostic: [email protected]

NPQ Alliance

Participants on NPQ Alliance programmes should contact their providers in the first instance.