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What is the Early Career Framework?


The Early Career Framework (ECF) sets out what all new teachers need to know and be able to do as they begin their careers. Rolled out nationally by the government in 2021, it is one of the most significant reforms to the teaching profession in a generation.

Through the framework, early career teachers are entitled to:

  • Two years of evidence-based development for teachers at the start of their career. 
  • Additional support and training through one-to-one mentoring from an experienced colleague. Mentors are similarly offered support and guidance on how to get the most from their role and their early career teachers.

At Ambition Institute, we have delivered the Early Career Framework to around 30,000 new teachers and their mentors on our Early Career Teachers programme.

Benefits of engaging with the Early Career Framework 

The Early Career Framework aims to support the retention of teachers at the beginning of their careers by improving well-being and job satisfaction through developing their practice, knowledge and working habits.

The Department for Education’s evaluation of the framework has already seen improvements in the confidence of early career teachers. In a 2022 survey, more than 80% of teachers said they felt confident in delivering high quality lessons, managing behaviour, and supporting pupils to progress.

Four in five early career teachers surveyed by the Department for Education in 2022 also said that they were likely to be in teaching in five years’ time.

Implementing the ECF: our approach

We’ve been perfecting our programme for early career teachers since our early pilot in 2019, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation.

Our curriculum for teachers and mentors focuses on how teachers learn, as well as what they learn. We use instructional coaching, one of the best-evidenced forms of professional development, meaning our early career teachers benefit from bite-sized content and tailored, observational feedback to help them to keep getting better over time.

Early career teachers also benefit from the accessible online learning platform, Steplab. Through the platform, teachers and mentors can access scheduled content and precise teaching targets. They benefit from a variety of tools such as 10-minute videos of effective practice, concise evidence summaries, and quizzes and reflection prompts to deepen learning.

How can you get started on the Early Career Framework? 

All schools must deliver the Early Career Framework to their early career teachers. Our Early Career Teachers programme is underpinned by the Early Career Framework and is helping teachers to feel confident in the classroom and supported to remain in the profession.

To learn how you can sign up your school for our Early Career Teachers programme, visit our programme page.

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