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Our brand new materials break down the Early Career Framework into bite-sized chunks, to make learning and development manageable for your new teachers.

How-to videos:
Check out our how-to videos for the first strand of the programme: behaviour:

B1. Strand fundamentals and contracting

B2. Routines

B3. Instructions

B4. Directing attention

B5. Low-level disruption

B6. Consistency

B7. Positive learning environment

B8. Structured support of learning

B9. Challenge

B10. Independent practice

B11. Pairs and groups

B12. Upholding high expectations

What is the Early Career Framework?

We believe the Early Career Framework is the most significant reform in a generation. It has the potential to transform the working lives of NQTs.

The Department for Education released the Early Career Framework in 2019.

It recognises that the nurture and support early career teachers receive can make or break a teaching career, and that improving the quality of this support has the potential to revolutionise our education system.

The Framework lengthens induction for early career teachers to two years, increases their entitlement to support and training and specifies content to be covered during induction. It also recognises how integral the role of the mentor is to the development of ECTs and emphasises the need for support and training for them.

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Expert edit download available

Does all initial teacher training need to be practice-based? What's the difference between a novice and an expert? How do you change behaviour to engage everyone with professional development?

Our newest Expert Edit provides the answers to these questions. It also discusses how to bring the Early Career Framework to life, and kick-start the career of your NQTs.

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"If this is where the NQT support is headed then the quality of the teaching is going to skyrocket."

- Paul Fermor, English teacher, Towers School

Early Career Teachers

Our Early Career Teachers programme provides a two-year package of support for NQTs and their mentors that is high quality, evidence-informed and accessible. Schools in Greater Manchester, Bradford, Doncaster and the North East are eligible for this DfE-funded programme.

We focus on one area of teaching at a time, introducing foundational concepts that are intentionally repeated throughout the programme.

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Kristy Young

Kristy Young

Learning Design Fellow

The challenges of teacher recruitment and retention have become a crucial focus in recent years, especially that of our early career teachers. Read Kristy's blog to find out more about the challenge, and how our Early Career Teachers programme draws on the latest evidence and insights to offer the best solution.

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