Ambition Institute statement on Ofsted's Sexual Abuse Review

June 10, 2021

Today, Ofsted published their review of sexual abuse in schools.

Hilary Spencer, Chief Executive of Ambition Institute, said:

“The evidence from Ofsted’s review of sexual abuse in schools is upsetting but important reading. Schools should be safe places for all young people and it’s disturbing to see that harassment and abuse is so widespread. We must address this if we are to build an education system where every child can thrive.

“The report is clear that it’s not the responsibility of schools alone to fix this widespread issue, but we support Ofsted’s recommendation to offer greater support and training to teachers and school leaders to deal with this persistent problem in their schools.

“Ambition Institute is committed to playing its part in addressing this issue. We will apply the same evidence-based, rigorous approach as we do to all of our other professional development, and will seek to help teachers and school leaders develop their expertise to better understand and identify sexual abuse, and to create the culture and conditions where every child feels safe and supported.”

You can read Ofsted's review here >