Ambition Institute welcomes EPI’s latest literature review

Feb. 19, 2020

Ambition Institute welcomes the findings from Education Policy Institute’s (EPI) latest literature review: The effects of high-quality professional development on teachers and students. The report is co-authored by Ambition’s Associate Dean of Learning Design, Harry Fletcher-Wood.

Many of the findings within the report speak to our mission to provide high-quality professional development to educators at every stage of their career – from those entering the profession to leaders of groups of schools. 

The report highlights the vital impact effective CPD can have, both on pupil outcomes and in acting as a solution to the wider issue of low teacher retention that is afflicting the education system.  

They key findings are:  

  • High-quality continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers is as effective for improving pupil outcomes as having a teacher with a decade’s experience in the classroom.  
  • Quality CPD programmes have a greater impact on pupil outcomes than performance-related teacher pay or lengthening the school day.  
  • Increasing the availability of high-quality CPD is likely to improve acute teacher retention problems, particularly for early-career teachers.  
  • CPD programmes are more effective if they receive sustained support from school leaders and are able to adapt to high staff turnover and teacher workloads. 

Teachers and school leaders work incredibly hard to give their pupils the best education they can. To support them in their challenging roles, we need to offer educators targeted, evidence-informed training from the very beginning of their careers.  

This is why we we’re proud to be working with the Department for Education as one of the early roll-out providers of the Early Career Teachers programme.

Read the full report here