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Matt Hood joins Department for Education's EdTech Leadership Group

June 3, 2019

Matt Hood, Chief Education Officer at Ambition Institute, is announced as a member of the DfE's leadership group for EdTech.

On 3 June 2019, the Department for Education announced the membership and goals for its new EdTech Leadership Group. Chaired by Paralympic swimmer Chris Holmes, the group aims to boost accessibility and inclusion of technology in the classroom. 

The group's membership is a mix of representatives from the education sector and industry, including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google. 

Matt Hood, Chief Education Officer at Ambition Institute, sits on the group. He said: 

 “Technology, if used well, can play an important role helping our great education system to keep getting better. It has the potential to reduce workload and improve learning for both pupils and educators. 

“But we have a job to do in convincing the profession that it’s worth their attention following a number of false starts. There are a small number of great EdTech innovations out there, but too much over-promises and under-delivers. EdTech organisations need to start from the evidence and build from there. If they can do that they might be able to bring the profession with them.”