Response to the new Recruitment and Retention Strategy

Jan. 28, 2019

Ambition School Leadership and the Institute for Teaching welcome the reforms set out in the Department for Education’s Recruitment and Retention Strategy and look forward to supporting its implementation.

The problem:

Teachers are leaving the profession faster than they are joining at a time when pupils numbers are going up. We’re currently losing 1,000 more teachers each year than we are recruiting and we’ll have 15% more pupils in our schools by 2023. The problem is particularly acute for schools serving disadvantaged communities who find it hardest to recruit;  they see the greatest turnover in staff and are seven times more likely to employ inexperienced teachers.

Our role:

Our comprehensive suite of programmes help educators at every level to keep getting better, connecting together to create dynamic and flexible career pathways and progression opportunities.

The strategy will further strengthen this offer through introduction of the early career framework, unlocking the apprenticeship levy for staff development and ensuring that teacher educators in our schools are recognised and rewarded for their important work. The strategy also recognises the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion in tackling this national challenge so that all educators, whatever their background, are encouraged to stay and progress their career in teaching. 

Matt Hood, Chief Education Officer, Ambition School Leadership and Institute for Teaching:

"To become the best education system in the world we have to become the best place in the world to be a teacher. The strategy takes an honest look at why we’re not there yet and is a bold attempt to join up the different reforms needed to tackle the challenges we face.

"We’re particularly excited about reforms to the induction period for early career teachers. Implemented well, this a game changer. Teaching is complex and so a longer induction period with a carefully thought through curriculum, investment in great teacher educators and mentors and high quality curriculum materials will get teachers off to the great start they need to be more expert, happier and so stay in this great profession for longer.

"However in our ‘school-led system’ the Department for Education can only do so much. The system has to take this on. We’re looking forward to making our contribution to the implementation of this strategy by continuing to help the great educators we have in our schools – from new teachers through to trust CEOs - to keep getting better."