Early Headship Coaching Offer for new headteachers (EHCO)

Are you a headteacher new to your role? Available with the new National Professional Qualification (NPQ) in Headship, this programme will help you to settle into your post by giving you access to one-to-one coaching and a toolkit of resources to help you thrive as a leader.

  • Tailored support to suit your needs
  • One-to-one expert coaching
  • Shadow experienced headteachers
  • Ongoing personal development

Why us?

We have designed this new support offer to accompany the new NPQ in Headship. We’ve distilled all the latest evidence to help you put it into practice in your school setting.

The programme provides more focus on helping you to develop your knowledge of school leadership and headship specifically. It’s geared to enable you to apply this to your unique challenges and circumstances.

The programme uses the latest evidence-based learning and shows you how to put your findings into practice in your school setting. You will train alongside other leaders with similar responsibilities with content organised around the key challenges that you face in your role.

Our NPQs are designed to be highly flexible to fit around your day job. Our ‘little and often’ approach to how the curriculum is delivered will support you to see and feel that you are continually getting better.

Throughout your NPQ, you will have access to Steplab, the market leading professional development platform, built by teachers, for teachers. It has been designed to aid teacher education and maximise the impact of deliberate practice, with practice activities to help you get better faster.

Benefits for you

Get ongoing personal development
Being new to a headship role can be daunting. This programme will help you to find your feet by identifying your priorities and looking at structured ways to tackle any issues.

Receive one-to-one coaching
You’ll get coaching from an expert headteacher who can provide support, insight and feedback to help you deal with the specific challenges your school is facing.

Access to useful resources
You’ll gain access to all the content from our NPQ in Headship programme, which can help you to plug any gaps in your skills or knowledge.

Connect with your peers
You’ll work with other headteachers in similar positions and have in-depth group discussions. These online sessions will explore any common challenges you are experiencing and help you overcome them.

Benefits for your school or trust

Improve staff retention
An investment in your new headteacher shows your commitment to their career progression and job satisfaction. This means they’ll be more likely to stay in their post and become an effective leader.

Learn from experts
Your headteacher will receive one-to-one coaching and support from an experienced headteacher who will share their knowledge and professional insight.

Tackle existing challenges
Coaching and shadowing will focus on the problems of practice that your headteacher might be experiencing in their role. They can get help and be guided to come up with practical and effective solutions to tackle these problems.

Create a positive school culture
A headteacher that feels supported and has the training and tools to create positive change, should hopefully lead to a happier workforce, better teaching and more positive outcomes for pupils.


What you'll learn

This programme is tailored to the needs of the individual. The content covered will depend on your school’s specific challenges and any persistent problems of school leadership.

Topics might include:

  • School culture: Establishing a professional and supportive school culture and encouraging staff to contribute.
  • Learning and development: Ensuring effective approaches to professional learning and development.
  • Curriculum: Organising and teaching the curriculum.
  • Behaviour: Attending to pupil behaviour and wider circumstances.
  • School improvement: Analysing and diagnosing problems, planning and implementing strategies for continuous educational improvement.
  • Administration: Managing an efficient and effective organisation.
  • Self: Developing personal expertise, self-efficacy and self-regulation.

Note: programme content is subject to change.

How you'll learn

Content is delivered through one-to-one coaching sessions with an experienced headteacher, with the option to shadow them in their day-to-day role. There will be pre- and post-coaching coursework to do in your own time. You will also have regular peer-group discussions with other headteachers, via online video conferencing, to work through work-related dilemmas.

Note: programme content is subject to change.


You can join our central cohort for this programme, or work with a delivery partner in your region for an experience that’s more tailored to your local context. Either way, we work to give you the best possible experience.

What our partners can do for you

Ambition Institute provides high-quality content and materials, built on our experience in schools and our deep knowledge of the evidence and practice.

Our partner in your region will contextualise this knowledge and manage your experience on the programme, from high-quality facilitation to day-to-day support.

Tailored approaches

Our partner in your region will provide more information on how your NPQ will be delivered. The timings and methods of activity, sizes of cohorts and the cost of the programme may vary across delivery partners.


The criteria for DfE funded scholarships is yet to be confirmed.

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You can take advantage of this additional support programme at the same time as doing the new NPQ for Headship.

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