Designing Professional Development for Teacher Change

Harry Fletcher-Wood

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Date published 07 March 2018

Last updated 21 March 2024


This paper reviews the existing evidence around professional development to argue for the importance of an underlying theoretical model teacher educators can use.

The current evidence provides a list of ingredients, but does not allow teacher educators to create a full meal. Teacher educators need to understand the underpinning mechanisms in training which lead teachers to change their practice.

Harry Fletcher-Wood
Associate Dean

Download the full paper here


1. Introduction and approach
- The consensus view
- What is the consensus view?
- Theoretical problems with the consensus
- Practical problems with the consensus

2. Planning from need
- Setting a clear goal
- Identifying clear needs
- Aligning professional development to goals and needs

3. Designing learning for teachers
- Be domain and context specific
- Treat novices and experts differently

4. Designing training for teachers
- Deliberate practice
- Gaining insight
- Coaching

5. Preparing pragmatically
- Attrition and attention
- Systems and coherence

6. References

Download the full paper here

This article originally appeared on the website of the Institute for Teaching. In March 2019 the Institute for Teaching merged with Ambition School Leadership to form Ambition Institute.

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Harry Fletcher-Wood
Associate Dean

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