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The Expert Edits: The best conversations in education

As part of our commitment to getting better through sharing expertise and drawing on the best available evidence, we have put together free, downloadable journals filled with the best conversations in education. We call these journals, ‘Expert Edit’. 

Curated by our experts, the Edits are a collection of the latest thinking around teaching and school leadership. Each expert shares a selection of the latest and best-informed content from a range of different authors, providing an analysis of their ideas and some reflective prompts so that you can apply them in your own setting.  

They include questions like: 

  • How can we create a world-class education system?  
  • What is leadership success dependent on? 
  • What makes a great curriculum?
  • How to implement school improvement?  
  • What defines system leadership?  
  • How do you get the best out of your ECTs?

Easy to download and digest, we hope the Expert Edit will pique your interest, inform your practice and help you to keep getting better.   

You can download all nine here:

The Expert Edit: Teacher Development by Nick Pointer and Steve Farndon

The Expert Edit: Leading and Teaching Literacy by Sarah Bagshaw-McCormick and Christopher Such

The Expert Edit: Building School Culture by Jennifer Barker

The Expert Edit: Instructional Coaching by Genevieve Field

The Expert Edit: Early Career Development by Peps Mccrea

The Expert Edit: System Improvement by Sir David Carter 

The Expert Edit: School Improvement by Marie Hamer  

The Expert Edit: Leadership Knowledge by Tom Rees 

The Expert Edit: Intentional Curriculum Design by Chloe Wardle

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