The Learning Curriculum 3.0

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Date published 09 November 2020

Last updated 21 March 2024

Three years ago, the pilot cohort of our Teacher Education Fellows programme faced a problem. We found clear explanations of student learning, but we lacked equivalent guidance about how to teach teachers these principles.

We wondered:

  • How we should sequence learning about these principles?
  • How we could evidence and illustrate these principles accessibly yet defensibly?
  • How we could check teachers’ understanding?

We codified their experiences and ideas into The Learning Curriculum: a guide for teacher educators teaching teachers the science of learning.

Each year, a new cohort of Teacher Education Fellows uses The Learning Curriculum, and helps us to refine it – we are now able to launch Version 3.

Among the improvements in this version, we have:

  • Provided more examples of practice in early years and primary settings
  • Offered separate guidance on possible applications and training activities for novice and experienced teachers
  • Made non-examples less obvious, to help teachers think harder about them
  • Provided a technical appendix offering further reading about each principle

We hope you find this third edition more useful than the second; we look forward to making the fourth edition even better, with your help.

Harry Fletcher-Wood
Associate Dean of Learning Design, Ambition Institute

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