The Learning Curriculum

Harry Fletcher-Wood, Ben Bignall, Lucy Blewett, Jen Calvert, Josh Goodrich and Emma McCrea with Efrat Furst

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Two years ago, the pilot cohort of our Teacher Education Fellows programme faced a problem. They found clear explanations of student learning, but they lacked equivalent guidance about how to teach teachers these principles.

They asked:

  • How we should sequence learning about these principles?
  • How we could evidence and illustrate these principles accessibly yet defensibly?
  • How we could check teachers’ understanding?

Together, they codified their experiences and ideas into The Learning Curriculum: a guide for teacher educators teaching teachers the science of learning. This first edition had great engagement and feedback, all of which we took on board and thought really hard about how to improve and iterate this work.

We are delighted to now be able to share the revised second edition, which reflects the continued experimentation of the Pilot Cohort of Teacher Educator Fellows, the insights and suggestions of Fellows in Cohort 1, and expert advice from Oliver Caviglioli, Efrat Furst, Peps McCrea, Nick Rose and Amber Walraven.

We hope you find the second edition more useful than the first; we look forward to making the third edition even better, with your help.

Download the full paper >

If you’d like to join this journey as a Teacher Education Fellow, you can find out more or submit interest here.



Part A: Principles of learning and ways to share them with teachers

  1. Environment and attention: How can teachers help students to attend to learning?
  2. Working memory, load and thought: how can teachers help students focus on what matters?
  3. Long-term memory: how can teachers help students encode information in long-term memory?
  4. Linking new learning to prior knowledge: How can teachers find out what students already know?
  5. Forgetting: how can teachers help students to remember what they learn?

Part B: Possible structures for teacher development sessions

Part C: Glossary of key terms

You can download the first edition of The Learning Curriculum here.

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