Learning: What is it, and how might we catalyse it?

Peps Mccrea

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Date published 19 August 2019

Last updated 21 March 2024


This second edition of ‘Learning: What is it, and how might we catalyse it?’ by our Dean of Learning Design, Peps Mccrea, has been produced to share our thinking, guide our programmes, and stimulate discussion around the nature of learning and teaching.

This updated paper provides a coherent, high-level overview of the domain – organised around nine insights, with a taste of what the implications of these insights are for our classrooms.

Download the full paper here.


Insight 1: Learning is a persistent change in knowledge
Insight 2: Some things are easier to learn than others
Insight 3: What we attend to is what we learn
Insight 4: We can only attend to a few things at once
Insight 5: What we know determines what we can learn
Insight 6: We attend to things we value
Insight 7: We learn by gradually elaborating on what we know
Insight 8: Understanding arises through connection
Insight 9: Fluency arises through consolidation

Download the full paper here.

Peps Mccrea
Dean, Learning Design

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