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Ambition Institute is a charity working with teachers, school leaders and system leaders. We believe that helping educators to keep getting better is the key to unlocking better outcomes for children for years to come.  

The need for systematic interventions to end educational inequality has never been greater. England is a deeply divided country, with educational inequality locking millions of young people out of social mobility. 

Research shows that:  

  • The quality of a child’s education is too often shaped by geography 
  • There is a shortage of experienced, highly-qualified teachers in the system, particularly in the poorest communities
  • Teachings are leaving the profession quicker than they are joining it 
  • We are facing a leadership crisis, with too few aspiring headteachers to fill the growing number of roles.  

We believe these are complex challenges that require strategic, sustainable solutions. We are committed to nurturing a world-class workforce which is representative of the communities we serve. Every school across the country – especially in disadvantaged areas – should have access to expert teachers and leaders who can change the lives of the young people who need it most.  

If you share our ambition to build a school system fit for future generations, get in touch.

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