Why we exist

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds don’t do as well at school. We are working to change that by building an education system where every child can thrive, no matter what their background.


In England today, almost half of all disadvantaged children will not meet expected standards at the end of primary school. This increases to more than seven in ten by the end of secondary school – that’s 21 pupils in a class of 30. 

This helps explain why, compared to their more advantaged peers, disadvantaged pupils are only a third as likely to go to top universities, find it harder to access selective apprenticeship programmes and are three times more likely to end up not in employment, education or training when they leave school.

We believe that improving teaching and school leadership is the best way to make sure that every pupil, regardless of their background, gets a great education. Through our programmes we want to ensure there are expert teachers in every classroom being led by exceptional school leaders at all levels.

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