Six reasons to visit the Ambition Institute venue at the Festival of Education

June 19, 2019

Ambition Institute

With over 300 sessions taking place over the course of two days, choosing where to be can be tough. To help delegates out, we’ve compiled a short list of six reasons why you should come to the Ambition Institute venue.

This year, Ambition Institute are proud to be a strand partner at the 10th annual Festival of Education, which takes place on the grounds of Wellington College.  

This national event hosts speakers from across the education debate and provides valuable thinking time for both educators and edu-nerds alike.  

Some might liken it to the Glastonbury of the education world – what with straw bales and multiple stages all offering something unique and different. They aren’t far off. Educators from across the country travel to soak in and take part in debates on topics as diverse as: how can we change the habits of a lifetime right through to the truth about drugs.  

So with this in mind here is a short list of six reasons why you should come to the Ambition Institute venue:  

1. Debate with us on some of the most exciting topics in education

How do we solve the retention crisis in education? What really makes a good leader – and are we guilty of valuing style over substance? And how can we ensure your pupils remember what you taught them?  

These are just some of the topics we’ll be unpicking and discussing in the Ambition tent. Our in-house experts will share their ideas based on their extensive research and varied experiences working in education. But the conversation doesn’t end there – we want to hear your thoughts too. Get involved by tweeting us @Ambition_Inst to give us your views. 

2. Hear from some familiar faces… and new!

We have an amazing line-up, including some familiar faces from Ambition Institute and our partners right across the sector. You can hear from: Tom Rees, Peps McCrea, Nick Rose, Harry Fletcher-Wood, Sam Twiselton, Cat Scutt, Mark Enser, Tim Coulson and Steve Mumby to name but a few.  

We’ll also be debuting some newer faces, including Ed James, Paula Delaney and Viv Niblett who offer fresh perspectives and new voices within the education sphere.  


3. Find out whether leaders are born or made

Are the qualities of a great leader innate or learned? Come and find out in Tom Rees and Ed James’ session Substance over Style: developing expertise in school leadership.  

Together they will explore the disconnect between research – which increasingly tells us that a leaders’ success is driven by expertise rooted in sector knowledge – and the narrative of the chosen one.   

4. Engage with our latest research

Multi-academy trusts now employ more than 40% of the educator workforce and serve 50% of pupils. Their role within the future of the education system is now a leading one.  

With this in mind, we crunched the data from seven years of school workforce data to identify the best ways that trusts can support career progression. This resulted in our report: ‘People Power: Six ways to develop and retain educators in multi-academy trusts’. 

Join us as we go through the findings and be sure to pick up a copy of our research at our stand Z20.   

5. Pick up some tips on how to give the perfect feedback

We often say feedback is a gift, but sometimes the person on the receiving end look as thoug they want to ask you for the receipt. Harry Fletcher-Wood will take us through a masterclass on how to give the perfect feedback using evidence and practice. 

If you have some marking to do bring it along and use your learnings in real time.  

6. Learn about our programmes

When we relaunched as Ambition Institute, it was more than just a rebrand. We looked at what we had on offer and changed them to respond to the needs of the sector and the latest evidence-led research. Find out about what this means by coming to our stand and speaking to our School Partnerships team.   

We hope to see you at the event – be sure to download the app and tag us on Twitter to keep the conversation going.  

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