High Impact Maths

This new programme is for secondary teachers of maths, whether taught exclusively or alongside another subject. If you want to make tangible improvements to your maths teaching practice, then High Impact Maths is for you.

  • Bite-sized insights to develop your teaching toolkit.
  • Improve instruction to better support pupils.
  • Six short sessions over 18 weeks.
  • £400 per person.
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Why us?

Our impact
We work with more teachers and school leaders than any other professional development provider. In the last year, we worked with 46,000 teachers and leaders in England, helping them shape the futures of 3.9 million children.

Our mission
There is a persistent disadvantage gap in maths, which begins in early years and widens throughout a child’s education. Supporting teachers of maths to continue developing their expertise is crucial in ensuring pupils receive effective instruction in this subject.

Our design
High Impact Maths is designed to help teachers of maths to make tangible improvements to their maths teaching practice. Each session is underpinned by evidence-informed insights on what works in the classroom and why.

Benefits for you

How will I benefit from High Impact Maths?
Each module is underpinned by evidence-informed insights on what works in the classroom and why.

By taking part in this programme, you will:

  • Develop your knowledge of maths teaching practices and how to apply them.
  • Engage with exemplification across the key stage three and key stage four maths curriculum.
  • Learn together with a peer network, with opportunities to share best practice.
  • Benefit from virtual sessions, to fit with your busy schedule.

Online delivery means the programme is convenient and minimises time away from your teaching.

Benefits for schools/trusts

What are the benefits of High Impact Maths for my school or trust?
Ensuring that all your teachers of maths can develop their practice is crucial to improving pupils’ academic outcomes and life chances.

For £400 per person, teachers will engage in live virtual sessions to help them make tangible changes to their practice.

Upskill everyone who teaches maths in your school, including those that teach maths exclusively or alongside another subject.

Pupils receive better quality maths teaching which makes a positive difference to their learning.

Build a shared language which is used across the early career and national professional qualification frameworks, with staff more joined up in their conversations about pedagogy and practice.

​Continued engagement with professional development.

No cover implications.


What will I learn on the High Impact Maths programme?
Focus on the approaches that evidence indicates will make the biggest difference and improve the impact of your maths teaching:
> Develop your knowledge of high-impact maths teaching practices and how to apply them in your classroom. For example, how to improve whole-class modelling to best support pupils’ understanding of new maths concepts. ​
> Secure your understanding with exemplification across the key stage thee and key stage four maths curriculum. ​

How will I learn on High Impact Maths?
Over 18 weeks you will attend:
> A three-hour virtual twilight: this will introduce the programme, key themes and how to make the most of the training.
> Five one-hour virtual twilights: where you reflect and develop your practice, with some additional pre reading.
> During these virtual sessions there will be opportunities for discussion with peers on the programme.


How much does this programme cost?

The programme costs £400 (+VAT) per person.

Please make sure you have budget holder approval before applying for this programme.

Register your interest for this programme using this enquiry form.


How do I apply?

Please fill out application form to register your interest for our first cohort which starts in November 2024.

Who should apply?

We welcome applications from secondary teachers who teach maths, whether exclusively or alongside another subject. ​

For example:​
> Maths teachers with two or more years teaching experience.
> Experienced teachers who are new to teaching maths.
> Those who teach maths alongside another subject.
> Teachers who have recently changed specialism to teaching maths.​

Interested in the programme?