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Instructional Coaching

In this three month programme you will gain a solid foundation in instructional coaching and be able to apply what you learn to coach teachers in your school.

  • An innovative, new coaching programme
  • Led by coaches with extensive experience in instructional coaching
  • Tailored to your school setting

Why us?

Our new programme supports experienced teachers at all levels who want to use instructional coaching in their school or trust to support the overall quality of teaching and learning.

Instructional coaching is embedded in Ambition Institute's programmes, included the DfE-funded Early Career Teachers, Transforming Teaching and Teacher Education Fellows. Our learning design teams and tutors bring a wealth of experience in this area, having taught and used instructional coaching in countless school settings.

Benefits for you

Transform teaching
By learning the foundations of instructional coaching, you can support colleagues in your school to become better teachers and improve pupil outcomes.

Develop new skills
Gain a solid, evidence-based introduction to the concept of instructional coaching. The programme and content can be easily applied to your own school setting and can help you develop in your career.

Get hands-on training
You will be coached first-hand by an experienced instructional coach and then observed coaching someone else, receiving feedback on how to improve.

Access to Steplab
You will get access to Steplab, the market-leading professional development platform built for teacher education and developed to maximise the impact of deliberate practice.

Benefits for your school

See school-wide improvement
Having an instructional coach in your school who can support other staff can have a school-wide impact on the quality of teaching and learning.

Develop better teachers
Teachers who receive instructional coaching learn what to improve and how to do it, supporting you to improve the quality of teaching at your school.

Improve pupil outcomes
There is now a significant evidence base to show that instructional coaching has a substantial impact on teacher development, which can improve pupil outcomes.

Retain your best teachers
Investing in your teachers' professional development can help them become more effective in their roles, and retain them within your organisation.


What you'll learn

You will learn the foundational principles of instructional coaching and what it looks like in the context of teaching.

This three-month programme is split into the following modules:

  1. Immersive coaching – experience being coached by an expert instructional coach - development day 1: Thurs 20 May, development day 2: Friday 28 May 2021
  2. Getting granular – learn how to become an instructional coach and deliver training - development day 3: Wednesday 9 June 2021
  3. Practice with purpose – put what you’ve learnt into practice by coaching another teacher and get feedback on your performance - development day 4: Friday 2 July 2021

How you'll learn

This is a one-to-one, virtual training programme, where you'll be supported by an expert instructional coach online. You will record sessions with colleagues you are mentoring and share with your coach for feedback.

Note: programme content is subject to change.

Nick Pointer, Ambition Institute Tutor and leader of our new instructional coaching programme said. “As a teacher, getting focused themes to work on is much more fulfilling than having infrequent lesson observations. Directive, supportive feedback from a coach helps build confidence and expertise over time. It supports widespread impact on pupils’ learning and ultimately, their outcomes.”


This programme costs £1,000 per participant.


To join this programme you must be an experienced teacher who is able to influence teaching and learning across your school or trust.

Applications have now closed for the current cohort of this programme.