Curriculum for Senior Leaders

This course will help you implement meaningful curriculum change and assess impact.

Applications for our February 2022 cohort are now closed.

  • Develop your expertise in curriculum design
  • Leverage the expertise of your subject leaders
  • Access and apply the latest curriculum research
  • Gain peer-to-peer support from our network

Why us?

This programme offers high quality professional development backed by the latest curriculum research.

Benefits for you

Drive curriculum change
You will develop the skills and knowledge to confidently change the curriculum in your school. We will help you to work with your senior leadership team to create a ‘vision of intent’ for your school-wide curriculum and use this to support middle leaders in their subject areas. We will provide you with support to develop your curriculum intent, and its implementation, to deliver meaningful impact.

Improve pupil outcomes
This training will help you develop a clear cross-subject curriculum framework for your school. It will help you provide your pupils, particularly the most disadvantaged, with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

Leverage the expertise of subject leaders
We will help you to train up your subject leaders, leveraging their expertise so they develop high quality curricula for each subject area.

Access industry-leading resources
You will learn from the latest research and have access to top-quality examples and models across subjects and stages. These include school-wide vision statements, progression maps, long-term plans and teacher educator materials.

Gain peer-to-peer support
Build close relationships with colleagues facing the same challenges. Peer groups give you the opportunity to practice taking concepts you’ve learnt from training into practice, to embed your learning.

Benefits for your school

Lead school-wide improvement
Your senior leaders will develop a clearly thought out, consistent vision for a whole-school curriculum.

School-wide impact
This programme will help your senior leaders develop a curriculum framework for their school. It will help you provide your pupils, particularly the most disadvantaged, with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

Promote professional development
Senior leaders will share their learning with colleagues, helping make sure the new curriculum model is understood by your school’s middle leadership team and introduced across all subjects.

Meet Ofsted expectations
Investing in senior leadership training that focuses on curriculum intent, its implementation and impact means your school will be fully aligned with the new Ofsted framework.


This 18-month programme features high quality professional development steeped in rigorous curriculum scholarship and includes:

What you’ll learn:

  • This programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to develop and implement a vision for your school-wide curriculum.
  • The tools to train middle leaders to apply your curriculum vision through intent and implementation.
  • Training informed by the latest research and evidence in curriculum design.

How you’ll learn:

  • Facilitated sessions via nine development days where you’ll use the latest evidence from key practitioners, such as Willingham, Oates and Young, to learn effective curriculum design skills. You can share learning and insight, building a solid support network with like-minded peers tackling the same curriculum challenges.
  • Problem-solving peer-to-peer learning groups where you will work together to tackle any challenges to curriculum implementation you're experiencing in your contexts.
  • Peer group sessions which help you to use the knowledge you’ve gained and share best practice with colleagues.


The Curriculum for Senior Leaders programme costs £3,500 per person.


Applications for our February 2022 cohort are now closed.

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