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Early Career Teachers - Maths Pilot

From September 2022 we’re running a maths-focused pilot of our Early Career Teachers programme for new maths teachers. It has all the benefits of the regular ECT programme, plus specialist adapted content focused on the effective teaching of maths.

  • Maths-focused content
  • Two-year induction programme
  • Based on the Early Career Framework
  • Cost free to you and your school
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Why us?

This pilot is a unique opportunity for 100 new maths teachers to participate in our Early Career Teachers programme, but with a subject-specific maths focus.

There are limited places available - space for 100 teachers and their 100 mentors. We're working together to give new maths teachers the best possible chance of a long, fulfilling and life-changing career!

We're delivering this pilot in partnership with DRET Teaching School Hub, using materials developed in consultation with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

You can download our free Expert Edit publication now for more information about the Early Career Framework.

Benefits for your school

Tailored content - With this pilot, your new teachers will benefit from everything that our Early Career Teachers programme has to offer - but their training will also be tailored to focus on the special and unique challenges that maths teachers face every day.

Attract and retain staff - Provide quality professional development and monitoring for new maths teachers to consolidate their practice, be satisfied in their roles and stay in the profession.

Tried and tested support - Over the last three years over 19,000 teachers and mentors have accessed our Early Career Teachers programme. With this pilot, your early career maths teachers will benefit from tried and tested ECT materials which have been continually improved and developed since 2019.

Benefits for your early career teachers and mentors

Expert support - Learning from maths specialists with particular subject expertise.

Instructional coaching - Focusing on instructional approaches with maths, including modelling, worked examples, scaffolding and explicit teaching.

Barriers to progression - Our pilot will address the common gaps and misconceptions that can often become key barriers to progression in maths.

Prior knowledge - Learning how to activate and build on prior knowledge – including retrieval and distributing and varying practice.

Understanding and language - Developing strategies to support conceptual understanding. Learning how to support the development of the language of mathematics.

Learning flexibly - Access to our market-leading Steplab platform for flexible learning to fit around your schedule


For your early career maths teachers the two-year pilot includes:

  • A comprehensive orientation webinar to introduce the ECT Maths Pilot.
  • Three day-long conferences covering the most important aspects of the Early Career Framework.
  • Weekly, self-directed study using our innovative learning platform, Steplab.
  • Termly, hour-long facilitated webinars tackling tricky areas of practice for maths teachers.
  • Weekly coaching sessions with experienced maths mentors (fortnightly in year two).

For mentors the maths pilot includes:

  • A maths pilot orientation webinar to set the context of learning.
  • Tailored learning with termly one-to-one sessions in year one and a further session in year two.
  • Weekly online, self-directed study for ongoing support in year one, becoming fortnightly in year two.
  • Weekly guidance to produce mentor session materials in year one, then fortnightly in year two.
  • Mentor conferences (including a launch conference at the start of the pilot and another at the end of year one, in preparation for year two).
  • Three, hour long facilitated webinars to support with the more challenging aspects of mentoring, including one focusing on instructional coaching practice for maths at a more granular level.


We're delivering this pilot in partnership with DRET Teaching School Hub, using materials developed in consultation with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

What DRET Teaching School Hub can do for you

Ambition Institute provides high-quality content and materials, built on our experience in schools and other learning environments, and our deep knowledge of evidence and practice.

DRET Teaching School Hub will put this knowledge into context and manage your experience on the programme, from facilitation to day-to-day support.

If you would like to contact DRET Teaching School Hub direct, please email them at [email protected].


There is no cost for this pilot to you or your school. It is fully-funded thanks to Ambition Institute philanthropic partners.

The pilot is for 100 early career maths teachers and 100 mentors working in state secondary schools in England.


Applications are now closed for the pilot cohort September 2022. However if you are interested to learn about future courses of this nature register your school's interest here.