Headship with NPQH

Join this programme if it’s your ambition to become a headteacher or develop rapidly in role over the course of the next 18 months in a challenging school.

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The programme is 18 months long. On this programme, you’ll benefit from:

  • Expert-led, evidence-based, face-to-face training over six full days, which take place as three weekend residential stays, to help you gain the skills and knowledge to develop expertise as a headteacher
  • Online learning, including virtual twilights
  • Individual coaching from exceptional leaders
  • The chance to share learning and insight with a close-knit group of aspiring and novice heads working in similar contexts
  • Gain an NPQH through two written assessments and a nine-day placement in another school

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Applications are now open for our Headship programme. You can apply using our application portal.

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Participants will engage with the following topics: 

  • Leadership theories and their application  
  • Effective implementation  
  • Use of data and assessment 
  • Self-evaluation and identification of areas for improvement 
  • Leading effective teaching and learning (instruction, assessment and curriculum) 
  • Climate for pupil and professional learning 
  • Effective professional development of staff 
  • Finance and resource management 
  • Working with governors, stakeholders and in collaborative partnerships 
  • HR and statutory guidelines/requirements. 

This content will be delivered over the course of three two-day residential conferences and seven online twilight sessions, all of which must be attended to complete the programme. 

As part of the programme you will be required to complete a National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).

To achieve the NPQH, you must complete two written assignments, focusing on the following: 

  1. Leading a whole-school change programme to improve pupil progress and attainment (4,000-word essay), which will take around nine days.
  2. Researching a placement school’s current and/or projected resource and capability challenges and designing an action plan to address them (2,500 words), which will last for two terms. 

Details regarding the projects and curriculum can be found here.

You will join a cohort of between 70-90 senior leaders keen to develop their leadership expertise. 

Find our performance against nationally set NPQ metrics here

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Lead a school in the next 18 months
The Headship programme is the best way to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to become or improve as a head within the next 12-18 months. Our programmes have helped almost 400 participants achieve headship.

Learn from those around you
Join a network of over 14,000 exceptional school leaders from over 2,800 schools, to share challenges, learn from one another, and take that knowledge back to improve your school.

The Headship programme costs £3,500.

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Applications are now open; please apply using our application portal.

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To apply for the course you must be either:

  • A senior leader in a deputy headteacher role or equivalent, who is preparing to reach headship within 12-18 months, or
  • A novice headteacher wanting to accelerate their development