High Impact Teaching

Training focused on improving the teaching of up to 30 of your high impact teachers.

  • Learn from our expert teacher educators
  • Improve learning for all pupils
  • Develop and retain staff
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Why us?

This programme is designed to improve teaching, boost retention and support career progression. Tailored to the needs and context of your school, this programme is based on robust evidence and delivered by our expert teacher educators.

High-impact teachers are educators who demonstrate exceptional effectiveness in driving positive outcomes and growth in student learning, including those with untapped potential who may benefit from additional support.

The programme provides up to 30 of your high impact teachers with one year of professional development. It develops foundational knowledge, expertise and a shared understanding of effective teaching and learning approaches.

You will be given access to an online diagnostic survey to help you to decide which programme content works best for your school or trust. The survey focuses on teachers’ views on behaviour, instructional practices, pupil learning and responsive teaching. Using the survey results Ambition generates a unique diagnostic report to reveal key areas of strength and areas for development.


The High Impact Teaching provides training for up to 30 classroom teachers and middle leaders.

It provides support with core elements of teachers’ pedagogical practices such as classroom culture, routines for learning, motivation, modelling, consolidation and others. More information on the modules available is provided on the table.

Facilitated twilight sessions

  • Following the findings of the diagnostic survey, you can choose three modules from the table.
  • You will receive 16 hours of facilitated twilight sessions.

Science of learning

  • You will also receive one independent self-study 45 minute science of learning session.

Before the programme starts

Programme focus activity:

  • Half-day meeting between the Ambition Institute training lead and the school lead for this High Impact Teaching programme (usually the senior leader with responsibility for Teaching & Learning/CPD). This is to discuss aims and structure of programme and expectations.
  • Joint learning walk to review teaching and learning across the school, in order to help diagnose highest leverage areas of focus when it comes to improvement. Participant selection criteria can also be discussed.

Programme content is subject to change.


The High Impact Teaching programme costs £6,000. This provides training across one year for up to 30 teachers, so represents a cost per participant of £200 each.

To discuss this programme further with one of our expert team, please complete this form. You can select the High Impact Teaching programme in the relevant box in the form.


This High Impact Teaching is for:

  • Smaller schools with a need to upskill their classroom teachers.
  • Schools categorized as 'Requiring Improvement' according to Ofsted, who can benefit from the targeted support offered by this program.
  • Schools who have already completed Transforming Teaching and are seeking further development opportunities.

Up to 30 teachers will receive high quality training and support, using evidence-informed practices, delivered by our expert training leads.

Please fill out this enquiry form for further information about how this programme can work in your school or trust.

Programme content subject to change.

Interested in the programme?