Masters in Expert Teaching

Coronavirus update: Our 2020 cohort is going ahead and we are still welcoming applications and enquiries for this programme .

The summer residential event will be adapted to be an online learning experience. 

Nominate your high-potential teachers for the Masters in Expert Teaching to drive improvements in teaching practice and pupil outcomes. The programme is designed to align with the busy working lives of teachers, with an emphasis on applying evidence-informed approaches in the classroom.

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Applications are now open. The final application deadline is Tuesday 30 June. To find out more please complete this quick enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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It’s not just what teachers know that’s important, but also how they translate that knowledge into action. This course will help your teachers to develop informed and intentional approaches to the most important components of expert teaching:

Curriculum and Assessment

  • Representing and sequencing the most important concepts and processes they teach in highly effective ways
  • Monitoring and tracking pupil activity, and inferring learning from the most salient classroom data

Advanced Teaching

  • Anticipating the consequences of multiple actions and events, select the highest leverage action, and regulating their thinking and behaviour
  • Creating the optimum conditions for learning and being able to catalyse it efficiently

Pupil Development

  • Develop and apply their understanding of cognitive science and psychology to accelerate their pupils’ learning
  • Build a refined and complex understanding of how your pupils learn their subject

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This course uses flexible online tools to enable distance learning and ensure that experienced teachers across the country can participate. It’s designed to fit around teachers’ busy lives and delivered in partnership with the University of St Mark & St John.

On this training course, your teachers will benefit from:

  • A rigorous focus on teaching practice in the classroom, inspiring immediate innovation and long-term development.
  • Curated reading lists, ensuring changes to teaching practice are informed by the best available research and evidence.
  • Ongoing assessment, to help develop and challenge their thinking and make sure they can put their learning into practice straight away.
  • One-to-one coaching with an expert coach, to support them in developing their understanding and making a bigger impact on their pupils’ learning.

Our assessment isn’t all long written assignments and exams. Our participants demonstrate how they’ve improved their practice by submitting 'artefacts' – including examples of resources and planning , as well as video/audio recordings

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The modules on our Masters are run sequentially – one per school term.

Module 1: Consolidation
A broad introduction to the science of learning before a practical exploration of the techniques which can facilitate children building secure, durable knowledge of facts, concepts, vocabulary and skills.

Module 2: Assessment
An examination of the key concepts underpinning assessment theory. Teachers then go on to scrutinise some contemporary tools and approaches to assessment and feedback that might be readily adapted to their subject and phase.

Module 3: Optimisation
An exploration of the nature and limitations of working memory, before exploring Cognitive Load Theory and the implications this has when teaching new facts, concepts, vocabulary and skills.

Module 4: Curriculum
Building on the content of Modules 1 and 3, this unit examines the evidence regarding instructional methods and approaches to explicit teaching which help students when they meet complex or abstract ideas.

Module 5: Motivation
Building on the content of Modules 1 and 2, this unit examines some of the evidence on whether attitudes, aspirations and behaviours influence pupil outcomes.

Module 6: Transfer
Finally, this unit examines the challenge of helping pupils to transfer knowledge and skills to novel problems and unfamiliar examples.

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Nominate your teachers in order to:

Gain an expert in every classroom
Quality teaching delivered by passionate, knowledgeable teachers leads to better progress for pupils, particularly in schools in challenging contexts.

Retain your best talent
Teachers who are offered this training will be more invested in staying at your school for at least the next three academic years while they complete the course.

Learn from experts
Our training is led by expert teacher educators. It provides access to the most relevant educational research and literature – which participants can share with colleagues.

"We’re thinking really hard about how to make sure continual professional development for teachers makes a difference. We’re betting on evidence-informed thinking, practice and coaching to help us get there."
Peps, Dean, Ambition Institute

Emma Lark: Emma leads the Masters in Expert Teaching. She trained as a secondary teacher with Teach First, and holds a Master’s degree in Maths and Physics from the University of Manchester. Emma has over 10 years’ experience working as teacher and teacher educator in challenging schools - most recently as a senior leader in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Kyle Bailey: Kyle trained as a primary teacher and holds a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. He has mentored for Teach for America and worked with Teach First on their curriculum and Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

Peps Mccrea: Peps is a former maths teacher and mathematics education lecturer. He has spent time advising the DfE, examining for the OU, and has authored Lean Lesson Planning and Memorable Teaching. Peps is a Fellow of the University of Brighton and the Young Academy.

Nick Rose: Nick entered the profession as a science teacher and has since worked as a Leading Practitioner for psychology and research and as a research specialist at Teach First. Nick is co-author of What Every Teacher Needs To Know About Psychology.

The Masters in Expert Teaching costs £6,000, which can be paid in three instalments over two years. Many of our participants arrange to share the cost of the course with their schools.

"This programme is taking the best evidence that’s currently available and synthesizing it so that busy teachers can access it, critically apply it, focusing on how they can improve their practice in the classroom."
Kyle, Fellow, Ambition Institute

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To apply for this course, candidates must be qualified teachers with at least two years of quality, continuous classroom experience. They should have strong classroom management and personal organisation skills, be receptive to feedback and hungry to improve.