Alliance-led NPQSL

The NPQSL is for aspiring or serving senior leaders who are looking to develop in their role and achieve the NPQSL.   

Each NPQ – regardless of level and including the NPQSL – covers seven leadership behaviours and six competencies:    

Leadership behaviours  

  • Commitment   
  • Collaboration   
  • Personal drive   
  • Resilience   
  • Awareness   
  • Integrity   
  • Respect  


  • Strategy and improvement  
  • Leading with impact  
  • Teaching and curriculum excellence  
  • Managing resources and risk  
  • Working in partnership  
  • Building capacity   

To support you in this our NPQSL includes as standard:   

  • Expert designed curriculum, content and resources  
  • 18 hours’ minimum of face-to-face, facilitated training delivered over at least two terms (but no more than 18 months)  
  • Two 360 reviews (at the beginning and end of the programme)  
  • Option of a viva 
  • Assessment support and full assessment of your final submission  
  • Trained and quality assured facilitators, many of whom are serving school-leaders  

Because partners in our alliance can design their programme around our NPQ curriculum to suit the needs of their school(s) and the local context, each partner’s programme may differ in certain ways:   

  • Cohort size  
  • Programme duration   
  • Programme structure and components
  • Number of hours of each type of study
  • Dates, times and locations of training sessions  
  • Eligibility and application process and timelines  
  • Fee/cost of programme including assessment  
  • Policies 

In order to achieve the NPQSL you are required to complete one project over at least two terms and submit a written assignment for assessment (within 18 months of starting the programme).  

Details regarding the project and curriculum can be found here.

Should you be interested in finding a programme being delivered by an alliance partner in your area, please go to our Regional Partner Directory. Should you wish to apply to join a Partner’s programme please then contact them direct via the details provided there.  



The NPQSL is for aspiring or serving senior leaders who are looking to develop in their role and develop the expertise to lead.