Applications are now closed

Teacher Education Fellows

For experienced teacher educators wanting to improve. Hone your ability to design and lead great teacher education through deliberate practice. The final deadline for applications is 25 May 2021.

  • Learn world-class teacher education models
  • Understand the evidence on how people learn
  • Design and lead effective teacher education
  • Gain expert support for change
  • Make a lasting difference to teaching and learning
  • Join a community of like-minded educators

Why Apply?

Teacher Education Fellows is unique as it's the only teacher educator development programme in the country.

Benefits for you

Deepen your knowledge
Become an authority on the best evidence and latest thinking from education systems around the world.

Tailored to your needs
The course is designed to fit around and support your existing priorities and commitments.

Join the network
Work with peers and Ambition Institute’s faculty to share best practice and improve teacher education nationally.

Benefits for your school/organisation

Improve teaching
Learn, test and master ways to support every teacher you work with to improve.

Improve pupil outcomes
Use evidence-based interventions to make measurable improvements to pupil learning.


What you’ll learn

Explaining learning
Deepen your understanding of the science of learning and refine how you explain it to teachers.

Designing training
Learn how to design and deliver effective training and coaching.

Sustaining change
Examine the science of behaviour, applying it to help teachers sustain change.

Tailoring your project
Identify what your school/organisation needs most, and how to achieve it.

A year of support to make a lasting difference to your teachers and pupils.

How you’ll learn

The course is delivered using mix of face-to-face and online learning so you can learn at a pace and time that best suits you:

Face-to-face conferences
9 days of expert-led training delivered over termly, two-day conferences, focused on embedding new knowledge and skills.

School visits
Visit 4 schools to see how Fellows are using their programme knowledge to create change.

Online sessions
Regular calls, discussions and resources, all available online.

Individual tasks
Ongoing tasks to apply what you’re learning.

Peer learning
Join our network of exceptional Fellows facing similar contexts, challenges and collaborating to implement sustainable solutions.


“It is great to learn about the reality of schools by getting to know members of the SLT and having really honest and productive conversation about the success and struggles of working in the amazing and really challenging places that are schools. I could never get close to the reality by organising schools visits myself.”
Lucy Newman

“It's taught me SO much about remote and adult learning. The course is so carefully designed to 'super-model' at every stage what excellent teaching looks like-- for both teachers and students--in person and remotely. Particularly at the moment, I'm finding myself emulating everything I've noticed/remembered/that I'm able to in my own delivery of remote CPD within my own school and to the other 4 that I'm supporting… Year one was also an incredible crash course in cognitive science and behavioural psychology-- I learnt more in that year than I had across my whole teaching career about how to describe what makes great teaching and crucially, WHY, whilst also learning how to effect change at a 1:1, whole school and even organisational level.”
Rachel Sewell

“The people are an incredible resource - really smart, thoughtful and willing to give of their time. The explicit focus on immediate action also means genuinely using what you learn, which is great.”
John McIntosh

“My thinking has been challenged by Harry and the Fellowship from day one. It's been an incredible way of making sure I consistently focus on how I can improve my work to support the teachers I work with.”
Kathryn Frost

“I can honestly say it is one of the best things I've done career wise. It’s so aligned with my core values in mentoring and developing staff. The group is amazing and Harry is knowledgeable, approachable and obviously really invested in what he does and helping us.”
Lynn Brook


Teacher Education Fellows costs £4,000, paid in two, annual instalments of £2,000.


Next steps

To apply, participants must have responsibility for teacher education in a primary or secondary school, or teacher training in a development organisation.

We run one new cohort of Teacher Education Fellows a year, with limited spaces. We’re looking to work with teacher educators committed to improving their work and keen to challenge themselves.

Applications have now closed for our 2021 cohort.

Please fill out this quick enquiry form if you have any questions or would like to receive information about future cohorts.

You can also book a meeting with our team here.