Transforming Teaching

Drive improvements across your whole school through measurable, sustainable change to teaching and learning, curriculum and professional development.

  • Align whole-school teams with teaching priorities
  • Learn from our expert educators, based in your school
  • Work with teachers and leaders in similar schools
  • Support, develop and retain staff
  • Transform the lives of disadvantaged pupils

Why us?

Improve learning for all pupils

Focus on the highest leverage actions for your school. Get support to assess the developmental needs of your teachers and put a robust improvement plan into place.

Lead with expertise

Get high quality training and support, using evidence-informed practices delivered by expert teacher educators in your school.

Develop and retain staff

Improve retention by developing your staff and enrich your CPD offer with evidence informed development delivered by experts.

Make sustainable change

Develop colleagues at every level with the tools needed for lasting change.


What you’ll learn

Transforming Teaching has two pathways: Professional Development and Curriculum. Both share the goal of improving the quality of student learning. Your pathway depends on your school’s needs, with a custom combination of the following strands, tailored content and delivery from our expert facilitators.

School leaders

  • Create the conditions for professional development with a programme designed to rapidly improve learning in your school.
  • Identify the most important development needs in your school and plan rigorously to deliver these.
  • Work with a network of leaders in similar schools to tackle the big challenges you face in your context.

Teacher educators, Heads of subject or phase

  • Embed the evidence-informed tools and knowledge needed for high-quality student learning.
  • Develop deliberate practice as an expert educator
  • Deliver high quality, evidence-informed change in your school.
  • Potential progression onto our Teaching Education Fellows course


How you’ll learn

School leaders

  • Regular training sessions from our faculty to embed learning.
  • Support to effectively design, implement and audit a sustainable school improvement plan.

Teacher educators, Heads of subject or phase

  • Training on the evidence-informed tools and knowledge required for high quality student learning, delivered by our expert teacher educators.
  • Bespoke support to develop practice as an expert educator

High-leverage teachers

  • Fortnightly, in-school professional development sessions.



“The work that we have done with Ambition Institute has been incredible and revolutionised our school. Transforming Teaching is like nothing else out there. It is research based, cutting edge and the training quality is second to none.”
Ashley Weatherhogg, Deputy Headteacher at Ounsdale High School

“The Transforming Teaching Programme has made a significant difference to all of the staff and student. Our teachers are more consciously competent practitioners in their classrooms with a good understanding of how students learn and what has the biggest impact on their students. Our teachers are more engaged in the latest educational research and most importantly, they can then apply this to the learning of the students in their classrooms."
Carene Spooner, Assistant Headteacher at Kinver High School


The cost of the programme varies depending on the school’s needs and the pathway and curriculum chosen.

To find out the exact cost for your school, please contact us.


We work with schools to provide one powerful solution to the many challenges you face.

This programme is for your school if you want to:

  • Improve the effectiveness and consistency of your teaching and learning.
  • Retain your teaching staff or develop your professional development and career development offer for staff.
  • Demonstrate measurable action and improvement in areas such as teaching and learning, leadership effectiveness, or teacher training and development.

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