Transforming Teaching

Coronavirus update: Our 2020 Transforming Teaching cohort is going ahead and we are still welcoming enquiries for this programme.

Schools starting the programme in September 2020 can expect the same level of dedicated support and bespoke content, adapted to respond to current needs. Our Senior Leadership Team Conference (originally scheduled for July) is being moved to mid-October to enable face-to-face collaboration and networking. Download this PDF for more information.

Transforming Teaching is a programme designed to rapidly improve the quality of teaching and learning in your school in a sustainable way. 

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To find out more about Transforming Teaching, including our brand-new modular offer, please complete this quick enquiry form and our School Partnerships team will be in touch to discuss next steps. 

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Transforming Teaching is a whole school programme designed to improve teaching and support both retention and career progression. It is based on robust evidence, is sustained over time and is delivered by expert teacher educators in schools where the need is greatest. 

The four strands of our programme work with teachers, middle leaders, teacher educators and school leaders. The strands can be combined in a variety of ways to fit the specific development needs and context of your school.  

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Improve learning for your pupils
Make a measurable difference to pupils by improving the teaching and learning in your school.  
Develop your teachers
Get access to high-quality training and support for staff at all levels to leverage your best teachers and teacher educators in a sustainable way.  
Work with other school leaders, colleagues and teacher educators to enhance the development offer for teachers in your school.  

95% of respondents in our 2018 survey were using what they’d learned through Transforming Teaching in their practice. 

The cost of the programme varies depending on your school’s needs. To find out the exact cost for your school, please contact us.  

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Please fill out this quick enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how you can join Transforming Teaching. 

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This programme is for your school if it has:  

  • A focus on furthering the effectiveness and consistency of your teaching and learning.  
  • Specific focus on improving the retention of teaching staff or developing the CPD and career development offer for staff.   
  • Been able to demonstrate measurable action and improvement in areas such as teaching and learning, leadership effectiveness, or teacher training and development.